Thermally Sprayed Zinc vs Hot Dip Galvanising (HDG)

When it comes to adding zinc-based weather-protective coatings to metals, traditional methods like Hot Dip Galvanising (HDG) have long been favoured. However, the emergence of thermally sprayed zinc coatings as a superior alternative is gaining momentum, particularly in aggressive environments. In this blog post, we will explore the wide range of benefits for zinc thermal spraying compared to HDG. From increased coating thickness and textured finishes to reduced environmental impact and enhanced safety, thermally sprayed zinc proves to be a high-performance anti-corrosive protection system. Join us as we delve into the advantages that make thermally sprayed zinc a prestigious choice.

  1. Enhanced Coating Thickness and Texture: Thermally sprayed zinc coatings can be applied with a greater thickness of up to 250 microns, surpassing the limits of HDG. The textured finish of thermally sprayed zinc serves as an excellent base for paint coats without the need for additional etch priming, ensuring a smooth and durable surface.

  2. Improved Sustainability and Safety: The low-heat process of thermally sprayed zinc eliminates the risk of heat distortion, making it ideal for finishing railings, balustrades, and balconies. This process ensures the absence of dangerous razor edges and spikes, enhancing safety for users. Additionally, the low-impact nature of thermally sprayed zinc contributes to reduced energy usage and a smaller carbon footprint, promoting sustainability.

  3. Versatile Applications and Diverse Finishes: Thermally sprayed zinc finds extensive use in various applications. It provides environmental protection for decorative steelwork and sculptures, serving as an excellent base for the application of a powder or liquid topcoat. Furthermore, designers often request thermally sprayed bronze and brass on top of thermally sprayed zinc to create long-lasting and cost-effective decorative items.

  4. Quality Assurance and Long-Term Durability: Thermal sprayed coatings, including thermally sprayed zinc, are recognised by international and European Standards such as BS EN ISO 14713 and BS EN ISO 2063. These coatings deliver exceptional performance for over 20 years, even in challenging environments like marine splash zones, ensuring long-term durability and corrosion resistance.

What ARE THE benefits of Thermal Zinc Spray?

In the quest for superior corrosion protection, thermally sprayed zinc has emerged as a prestigious alternative to Hot Dip Galvanising. With benefits ranging from increased coating thickness and textured finishes to improved sustainability and enhanced safety, thermally sprayed zinc provides an exceptional solution for diverse applications. As a quality-assured coating system, it delivers long-term durability and ensures the protection of metal structures in harsher environments. 

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