Bakeware coatings are a major help for all bakery environments, whether that be a small family run bakery to a full-scale plant bakery.

AFT Fluorotec Coatings can provide various bakeware coatings for all different bakery products, bread, cakes, sausage rolls and pies, just to name a few. Whilst we cannot guarantee release times; in a small bakery, coated tins and trays should last years based on a small-scale daily release quantity. However, for plant bakeries, the need for re-coating may come around a lot sooner than that, with tins and trays used for release on a large daily scale.

Looking after your equipment is simple; here are a few tips for you to ensure you get the best from your coated goods;

  • Please make sure you wash all goods before first initial use.
  • Only use mild detergents, please ensure the solution you use is not caustic.
  • Using harsh chemicals and/or dry brushing techniques to clean your items will decrease the lifespan of your coated goods.
  • Do not overheat or leave on heat, empty, for long periods.
  • Never stack tins or tray on top or inside of each other, this can lead to scratching of the coating, which will again decrease the lifespan of your coated goods.

Just like most things in life, your coated goods will not last forever and this means that a time will come when either you will need to purchase new tins and have them coated or to keep costs down, you can have your goods re-coated.

The option of having your bakeware re-coated is highly cost-effective, you do not have the added cost of purchasing new tins; you can simply send your goods to us. We will then have these cleaned down and re-coated with a nice new layer of non-stick.

We have seen very old bakery tins come into us with no life left in them at all, we have re-coated these and got these back working, good as new.

Overall, coated goods are a huge benefit for any bakery business, big or small. Please give us a call and we can select the right coating for the job you need.

Have your goods coated now to save unnecessary wasted time in the future.

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