We recently coated various batches of access hooks which are essential for all access operations. Our client works with top tier military, law enforcement and rescue organisations.

The coating used in this application is AFC 2104 black, please find below comments from our client:

“These hooks are used in a 'harsh tactical environment'. Dark colours are most important for the safety of the operating team.

Our customer required a smooth hard wearing coating that protects the hooks from damage while in use. It is critical that the coating doesn't peel or chip off in use and will protect the metal from salt water immersion.

In addition, the coating should not allow moisture to make its way between the coating and metal, which is key for long periods of storage.

The look of the coating need to be 21st century top of the range. In effect look the part, play the part, be the part..... Men in black, boys and their toys... kit to be envied. For us a top supplier in this specialist tactical field this coating provided everything and more.”

Here at Fluorotec, we pride ourselves in being able to provide bespoke coatings to solve a range of problems. Whether it's the environment the coating will be used in, the job it's intended for or simply how it looks, we can provide a custom coating for any job.

If you have a coatings problem you need a solution to, we pride ourselves on our bespoke service and quick turnaround times.

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