Recently AFT were approached by a leading manufacturer of flue gas analysis measuring equipment. 

Their equipment is installed throughout the world in almost every industry, including Petrochemical (Oil and Gas), Power Generation and Pharmaceutical and is used to calculate emission concentrations. Working in some of the harshest environments the equipment was being subjected to a range of aggressive chemicals at elevated temperatures and also others sources of corrosion.

AFT were asked to provide a robust chemical and corrosion resistant coating to help protect and extend the life of a range of analytical monitoring probes used in the flue pipes, chimneys and stacks. The probe lengths varied between 200mm-2000mm.



Our goal is always to provide a technical solution for our clients and we take great pride in developing custom coatings to suit the end application. Working closely with both the client and some of our well known polymer suppliers such as Chemours (formerly DuPont Teflon) and Whitford (Xylan) we set up a program of testing using some of our high build heavy duty chemical resistant fluoropolymer coatings.

The coatings were subjected and tested against to a wide range of the most common chemicals suggested by the client whilst also being tested for their surface toughness and abrasion resistance.



Our AFC 2200 high build reinforced PFA (PerFluoroAlkoxy) based coating was approved and has now become a standard for their monitoring probes. The coating provides an excellent pinhole free barrier to resist the aggressive chemicals and other sources of corrosion.

It can operate at temperatures from -220 ˚C to + 260˚C and coating thicknesses up to 1.5mm can achieved making it one of the best corrosion resistant coatings available.

AFC 2200 also has excellent non-stick properties and therefore provides an easy clean surface against contaminates and product build up.



  • Provides enhanced chemical and corrosion protection for harsh operating environments.
  • Extended life of the customers probes
  • Minimal downtime giving a more efficient production cycle
  • Cost Savings
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Easy Clean Non-Stick Surface (Low Maintenance)
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