Our client is a leading engineering firm with a reputation for excellence and innovation. With a rich history spanning several decades, the company has established itself as a trusted provider of engineering solutions for a wide range of industries.

The client in question was working on a construction project of a new special needs school and required slide bearing plates to facilitate longitudinal movement joints between steel column stubs and steel beams, allowing for the concrete plank roof above.

The Challenge:

The client's primary challenge was to find a UK-based manufacturer capable of fabricating and delivering the required slide bearing plates within the specified time frame. Other suppliers quoted lead times ranging from 10 to 16 weeks, which did not align with the project schedule. The lowest coefficients of friction were crucial to minimise resistance and maximise efficiency in the sliding mechanism. Moreover, the slide bearing units needed to possess excellent compressive strength to withstand the load and pressure exerted on it during operation. Therefore, the client sought a reliable and responsive supplier who could meet the delivery deadline.


Fluorotec was selected as the preferred bearing manufacturer due to our specialist product offering and ability to meet tight project deadlines, surpassing competitors with extended delivery times. To create a slide bearing surface with optimal performance, stainless steel plates coated with reinforced PTFE (AF115) provided a durable and reliable bearing surface for the sliding mechanism.

Recognising the importance of motion in slide bearings, we used AF115/SS316 to ensure the Slide Bearing plate had a remarkably low coefficient of friction. This characteristic was essential to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the sliding mechanism, minimising resistance and maximising performance.

Moreover, our slide bearing plates were designed to withstand substantial compressive loads. The materials we use have excellent compressive strength to ensure the slide bearings can endure the pressure and load exerted on them during operation. This feature enhances the long-term reliability and stability of the slide bearing system.


The utilisation of Fluorotec's AF115/SS316 Slide Bearing pads yielded positive outcomes for the client, ensuring a smooth and timely project execution. The key results include:

  • Timely fabrication: Fluorotec delivered the slide bearing plates within the required time frame, enabling the project to commence on schedule. The client's trust in Fluorotec's capabilities was validated as they successfully met the tight deadlines.
  • Approval by structural engineer: The principle structural engineer reviewed and approved Fluorotec's product, indicating its compliance with project specifications and industry standards. This validation reinforced the client's confidence in Fluorotec's expertise and product quality.
  • Positive customer experience: The client expressed their satisfaction with Fluorotec's services, highlighting their helpfulness, quick responses, and overall positive customer experience. Fluorotec's commitment to providing exceptional service contributed to a successful collaboration.
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