PTFE Slide Bearings for Construction of School

Discover how Fluorotec provided slide bearing plates for a school construction project. Overcoming challenges of tight deadlines and specific requirements, our AF115/SS316 coated plates delivered excellent performance, low friction, and high compressive strength. The timely delivery, structural engineer approval, and positive customer experience highlights our commitment to excellence.

Aerospace Electronics

As a licenced exporter of products for use in the aerospace & defence industry AFT Fluorotec is well qualified to export such goods, but exactly what goods are we talking about here? Why doesn’t the customer simply buy the parts required for the original aircraft manufacturer rather than coming to an independent Fluoropolymer and plastics expert?

Aerospace & Defence Exports

One of the more delicate products that we are involved in at AFT Fluorotec is the manufacture of precision components for communication devices used in the aerospace & defence industry. A large consideration involves the detail of how such parts have to be exported.

PTFE Valve for Medical Applications

A medical client approached us with a very challenging part for a new valve that was in development. The component was a PTFE diaphragm which played a crucial role within the valve.

Lightweight POM Casing and Internal Components

The project we were approached for was develop an electrical version of a traditional gas flame torch to be used on construction sites as a primary heat source.

FDA Approved Mesh Basket & Top Seal

Recently, we received a call from a contact who was familiar with our services and capabilities from a previous company he worked at. They needed our help with a mesh basket and top seal.

FDA Approved Components Case Study

AFT Fluorotec manufactured FDA approved components for a baby formula manufacturer.

Scientific Lab Equipment

Recently we were asked to design and manufacture a multi-function valve assembly to be used in a reaction station. A reaction station is simply a machine where various factors can be controlled and chemical reaction experiments are performed for scientific analysis.

Aerospace Case Study

Read our aerospace case study which describes how we developed a bespoke range of machined connectors for an overseas client.

Bespoke Seals for Well Drilling

Discover how we helped one of our customers develop custom Viton seals for retrieving casing on an abandoned well.

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