PTFE and its derivative materials are selected for applications due to their exceptional physical properties...

Chemical inertness & resistance, temperature stability and range, UltraPurity, thermal fact, too many to list here but all of these combined make it a common first choice for scientific and laboratory equipment where aggressive chemicals and temperature extremes can be common.

We manufacture PTFE component parts and assemblies and also apply PTFE protective coatings to laboratory glassware.  

Recently we were asked to design and manufacture a multi-function valve assembly to be used in a reaction station.  A reaction station is simply a machine where various factors can be controlled and chemical reaction experiments are performed for scientific analysis.



Our remit was quite strict so that the reaction station could have a wider range and appeal to its customer base.  In particular, the requirements were:

  • Temperature range from minus 70 to +180 degrees C.
  • Resistant to a long list of corrosive chemicals and elements.
  • Repeatedly and for extended periods at both extremes of temperature.

Whilst we know PTFE has amazing properties, nothing can be taken for granted so each and every eventuality of chemical and temperature combinations must be researched and checked to ensure the compatibility of the materials we planned to use. This is a major and often overlooked part of the design process and must be established before any mechanical or physical design can be considered.



Having confirmed PTFE was a suitable material, we then had to consider the physical environment of the reaction station and how our assembly would fit.

Again there were many restrictions that dictated the overall size of the assembly and also where the various controls and features would have to be located.

As can often be the case, we needed to find a compromise between an ideal solution from the end users' point of view and the need to accommodate the technical restrictions of the brief.  We worked with the client to deliver a suitable solution which gave them the best possible result.

This collaborative approach, combined with decades of industry experience, allows us to explore a range of solutions for our clients who are always satisfied with what we deliver.   Get in touch to find out how we can help your business.

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