As part of a recent relocation to a bigger facility, AFT Fluorotec has invested in a new, large, dedicated 'clean' room providing our customers with a bead blasting surface finish for complete stainless steel fabrications.

The large 5-metre x 4-metre ‘clean’ room enables customers to save time and extra processing stages that they incur when only smaller bead blasting facilities are available.   

This room is used exclusively for bead blast finishing of stainless steel, giving our customers confidence that their expensive stainless steel fabrications will not be damaged or contaminated with other blasting media. This is just another example of our commitment to providing customers with only the highest quality services.

The bead blasting process is the best way to achieve a completely uniform surface finish on a fabrication, casting or panel. The extremely attractive micro-dimpled, bright satin finish is produced by using high air pressure to direct fine glass beads onto the surface of the part.

The process is used mostly on stainless steel. It is ideal for removing marks and the discolouration that stainless steel undergoes when heated by heat treatment, fabrication, or welding.

During the bead blasting process of some stainless steels, the surface will become work-hardened whilst also producing compressive stresses. The resulting changes in the surface of the metal can lead to improved stress corrosion cracking resistance, improved fatigue resistance and increased surface hardness.

If you have a fabrication that would benefit from our brand new bead blasting clean room, contact us today.

Surface Preparation
Surface preparation is the essential first stage treatment when it comes to applying any type of coating.
Surface Preparation