Climate change is an undeniable reality that is impacting daily life. AFT knows that it’s up to everyone to make a difference. It’s true that global stability and climate recovery won’t come overnight, but that won’t stop us from doing what we can to help it along. As part of our ongoing efforts to operate sustainably, AFT Fluorotec is now recycling our waste cardboard into packaging or packing material. 

In the past, we would have two skips full of refuse a week. It was not only expensive, but wasteful. This was largely made up of the cardboard we receive from orders and suppliers. We now repurpose this cardboard either as boxes to ship out orders or we put them through a shredder to be reused as packing material. This is cost-effective as well as saving time and lessening our overall footprint. Waste management trips to AFT have reduced, as has purchase of new packing materials and numbers of deliveries to us for these products.

This is only one step in a continual process to live up to our corporate responsibility to create a greener, more carbon-neutral (if not negative) AFT Fluorotec. 

Check out this video of some of our cardboard going through the shredding process!