First-class flexibility

Machined VICTREX PEEK bearing cages are used where non-metallics are preferred and for highly demanding conditions with high speeds, chemical attack or high temperatures.  We manufacture bearings cages in a number of VICTREX PEEK grades depending on application requirements.  

The exceptional properties of PEEK include: 

  • Superior combination of strength and flexibility 
  • High operating temperature range 
  • High chemical and wear resistance 
  • Good processability 

Bearing Cage Temperature Range

Due to these outstanding features, VICTREX PEEK cages are used for some ball and cylindrical roller bearings, like hybrid and/or high-precision bearings.  

The material does not show signs of ageing by temperature and oil additives up to +200 °C. However, the maximum temperature for high-speed use is limited to +150 °C as this is the softening temperature of the polymer. 

Victrex PEEK Bearing Cage

We currently manufacture large filled VICTREX PEEK bearing cages for one of the UK’s largest producers. 

We can also coat existing bearing cages with VICTREX PEEK to enhance their properties for a range of applications.

We can manufacture large filled VICTREX PEEK bearing cages and also coat existing cages in PEEK to improve their temperature resistance.

AF803 Filled PEEK

70% PEEK, 10% PTFE, 10% Carbon Fibre, 10% Graphite AF803 is a semi-crystalline very high performance engineering thermoplastic with optimised properties for demanding bearing and low friction applications.

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