Filled VICTREX PEEK with 30% Carbon Fibre filler gives the material a very high thermal bearing strength and lower coefficient of friction. This grade provides a much higher thermal conductivity than unfilled VICTREX PEEK.


Very high thermal mechanical bearing strength
Excellent radiation resistance
Excellent creep resistance
High hardness and rigidity
Good chemical resistance
Excellent wear resistance
High maximum use temperature
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Possible Applications

Carbon fibre filled VICTREX PEEK is more expensive to produce, but is commonly used in applications where a superior strength-to-weight ratio is required.  The material is used in numerous applications across multiple industries such as aerospace, civil engineering, sports equipment and a number of consumer and industrial applications.

The material's excellent strength has led to it being used in high-performance motor racing as components created with the material have a lower weight than their metal counterparts (and also offers the benefits of less water and electricity used during manufacturing).

The construction industry also uses carbon fibre filled VICTREX PEEK to reinforce a range of concrete, masonry, steel, cast iron and timber structures.


Other applications include:

Valve seats, wear bands, bearings, bushes (high load wear) other non metallic wear parts

Property Test Method Typical Values
Elongation ISO 527 33%
Specific Gravity ASTM D 792 1.44 g/cm3
Tensile Strength ISO 527 215 MPa
Hardness Rockwell M 107M
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTM D696 1.5 x10-5 OC
Max Continuous use Temperature 260 OC
Colour Black
Datasheet: Carbon Fibre Filled VICTREX PEEK
AF804 Carbon Fibre filled PEEK 110kb

AF804 is a carbon fibre reinforced semi-crystalline very high performance engineering thermoplastic for extremely demanding applications.

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