Did you know that PTFE coatings are available in a wide range of colours?

This isn't just a superficial option - it has a practical purpose and it's something that many of our clients ask for. 


Clients have come to us looking for PTFE coatings and not considered the impact that different colours can have on their business.

A bakery, for example, can use different coloured moulds to control different batches of coated equipment.  This is a great way of ensuring that you don't need to send your entire supply of moulds for refurbishment at the same time - you can instead rotate through different batches and send one-off at a time.

When running a business it can often be difficult to anticipate downtime in your production process like this, but with our help, you can be prepared.  

Also, if all of your moulds, trays or other equipment are the same colour, you can quickly lose track of how often each has been used. This can lead to unnecessary cost when it comes to refurbishing them (some may not need to be refurbished at that time - without inspecting them all individually, you wouldn't know). But, by managing your equipment in coloured coded batches, you can be more certain that a particular batch is ready for refurbishment.


Being able to maintain high standards is important in any food processing business, so being able to colour code equipment can be a great help.

By using colour coded equipment, you can indicate which is meant for certain ingredients (e.g. gluten-free bakes only) - this will help your production process go smoother and avoid mix-ups. 


AFT Fluorotec Coatings can accommodate coatings in most colours (although there are a few limitations). Get in touch with our team of coating experts to chat about your business and how PTFE coatings can help you.

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