Last week we had the pleasure of exhibiting at Foodex 2016. We met some great businesses, many of whom knew that PTFE coating (more commonly known as Teflon coating) their pans is an option for their commercial bakery equipment but had never switched for various reasons. Some thought it was:

  • a more expensive alternative to silicone paper and oil
  • only for large Industrial Bakers rather than the smaller Craft Bakeries
  • still a relatively new and untested non-stick coating

These are all wrong!

We’ve created a non-stick coating myth-buster infographic that details some of the most common objections to using Teflon Coatings.


A myth-buster infographic for bakers that dispels common myths around non-stick coatings for pans.


The reality is that Teflon Coated pans can outperform all of the alternative non-stick coatings as well as traditional silicone paper and oil. They can give you a better quality bake. And, in the case of bakeries still using silicone paper and oil, you’ll have a grease-free bakery. You’ll save on labour time and you’ll also save money.

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