PCTFE Seals for Commercial Space Rockets

AFT Fluorotec were recently commissioned by a space technology company. A company who researches, designs and manufactures cutting edge rockets using environmentally friendly propellants to deliver payloads into space.

FDA Approved Mesh Basket & Top Seal

Recently, we received a call from a contact who was familiar with our services and capabilities from a previous company he worked at. They needed our help with a mesh basket and top seal.

FDA Approved Components Case Study

AFT Fluorotec manufactured FDA approved components for a baby formula manufacturer.

Bespoke Seals for Well Drilling

Discover how we helped one of our customers develop custom Viton seals for retrieving casing on an abandoned well.

Gearbox Seals Case Study

Our technical department worked closely with our customer’s design engineers to gain a full understanding of the limitations and extremes of working conditions being encountered, including temperature and media.