Surface preparation is the essential first stage treatment when it comes to applying any type of coating. It is generally regarded as one of the most important factors that affect the total success of a corrosion protection system, such as our anti-corrosion paint coatings.

No matter how good the paint or coating is, it will not perform to its full capabilities on a poorly prepared surface or if poorly applied.


Failure to prepare is preparing to fail

Is is estimated that around 75-80% of coating failures are caused by either poor surface preparation or poor application. Thankfully, we're experts in both. We are highly skilled in surface preparation and we are able to determine the surface preparation methods suitable for the structure in question along with the level of pre-preparation requirements.

When we receive equipment that needs to be recoated, we carry out a thorough visual inspection prior to surface preparation. This procedure ensures we detect any potential weak spots or irregularities to provide a better surface for obtaining a consistent coating application.

Anti corrosion
Our surface preparation technique ensures total success for our anti corrosion coatings.
Longer lifespan
Our preparation methods ensures our coatings are applied properly and will not suffer from premature failure.
Reliable partners
We pride ourselves on offering a high level of customer service, from quick response to enquiries and short production lead times, to overnight turnaround in urgent cases.


Dependent on the coating that is needing to be applied, the surface preparation of a material can differ significantly and there are a number of methods that can be applied.

Hand & power tool cleaning, whilst being the least effective at removing coatings, is a method that can be used should abrasive blasting or chemical stripping not be suitable. We are also able to carry out abrasive blasting and burn off through our temperature controlled pyrolysis oven, depending on the requirements of the material and product.


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