Powder-coated or painted metal garden and park furniture will look great when new. However, if you get one slight fault in the coating the metal will start to corrode and rust quickly. Before you know it, the majority of the furniture is covered in an unsightly orange-brown colour.

If you want long-lasting outdoor metal furniture in your garden or for use in outdoor public spaces, then our thermally sprayed zinc is an ideal solution. We have been providing corrosion protective solutions to our customers who manufacture and refurbish outdoor metal furniture for years, meaning products can withstand the elements for many years as opposed to months. 

Benefits of pre-treating Outdoor Furniture with a zinc coating

Powder coatings and paints protect the metal items from rusting by providing a ‘barrier’ to the environment. When items are new and there is no damage to the coating, the metal underneath is safe from the elements and subsequent corrosion.

Keeping your garden tables or chairs in perfect condition is just not feasible with daily use. Any slight slight damage to the powder coating or paint exposes the metal to the corrosive conditions of the environment. It is the same with benches and other seating in outdoor public spaces. Wear and tear of the furniture is to be expected, but once this happens the metal is exposed and rusting quickly follows. The expensive metal furniture no longer looks like the quality item that you installed.

A key benefit of applying our thermally sprayed zinc under the powder coating or one of our corrosion-resistant liquid coatings means we can provide our customers with the desired long service life and quality item appearance. In terms of service life, we are talking about the difference between months and years

The thermally sprayed zinc has excellent sacrificial corrosion resistance and forms a self-passivated surface that enables the protection of steel fabrications in harsh weather conditions.

So whilst adding a zinc spray coating as a base layer would cost a little bit more upfront, the cost savings in the long term are huge as the furniture will last for significantly longer.

metal park and garden furniture refurbishment

Not only can zinc thermal spray coatings be applied to new metal furniture at the point of manufacturing, but they can also be applied during the refurbishment process. When your outdoor metal furniture is corroded, you can always replace it with a new item. However, at the rate corrosion occurs without a protective zinc coating underneath, this could be extremely costly.

We remove the existing coating and corrosion debris and prepare the metal ready for a layer of thermally sprayed zinc, which offers long-lasting sacrificial corrosion protection. We then apply a barrier coating provided by powder coating or one of our specialist corrosion-resistant liquid topcoats.

This is an extremely useful solution for local councils responsible for public seating and benches in outdoor spaces such as parks and town centres, who have a responsibility to operate in a more environmentally friendly way. The carbon footprint between refurbishing and replacing with new is significantly reduced, and you will achieve huge long-term financial savings.

Whether it's introducing zinc thermal spraying to your manufacturing process, or you are looking to refurbish and extend the life of metal outdoor furniture, our expert solutions will help you save money, time and reduce your environmental impact. Contact us today to see how we can help.