Bead blasting is a multi-purpose surface finish process. It involves propelling media/beads under high pressure at a surface to clean, remove surface imperfections and create an aesthetically pleasing finish. When the beads hit the surface of the component, the impact creates a uniform dimpling effect finish without destroying the part.


Clean & Enhance Corroded Metal

Bead blasting is an effective surface finishing technique that can clean corroded metal, remove defects and surface deposits, and restore the appearance of parts. The fine glass beads gently remove imperfections, without damaging the material, making it ideal for restoring parts damaged by corrosion or wear and tear. By using bead blasting process, manufacturers can achieve high-quality parts that meet their customers' needs, restoring the quality and appearance of even the most damaged materials.


Cost-Effective & Efficient surface preparation

Compared to traditional surface finishing techniques such as shot/grit blasting and electropolishing, bead blasting is a more affordable and less aggressive process. It is also quick and cost-effective, making it an attractive option for manufacturers who need to produce high-quality parts on a budget. By using bead blasting, manufacturers can achieve a range of benefits such as improved appearance, increased durability, and improved corrosion resistance, without breaking the bank.


DURABLE Finishes for a Variety of Materials & Applications

A bead blast finish is durable and long-lasting, making it suitable for a variety of materials, including strong metals such as aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel, soft metals such as brass or copper, and a range of plastics and with a range of smooth finishes, including uniform matte, satin, or textured.

The benefits of a textured surface finish extend to improved cleanliness, as these surfaces are difficult for dirt and contaminants to stick to. This makes it highly beneficial for applications such as bicycle frames, sporting equipment, food equipment, jewelry, CNC machined components, industrial turbines, and offshore/marine hardware.

In addition to improved cleanliness and durability, bead blasting also preserves the base color and texture of the material, resulting in a brighter surface finish that is highly resistant to wear and tear and aesthetically pleasing.


Minimize Changes to Engineering Tolerances

Our bead blasting services ensure a precise and accurate surface finishing technique that removes a minimal amount of metal, minimizing changes to engineering tolerances. This makes it ideal for industries where precision is critical, such as aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing. Because it is non-abrasive, bead blasting does not introduce any residual stresses or create any heat-affected zones, further ensuring that the part remains within the required specifications.


Gentle Precision for Delicate Parts

Bead blasting is a gentle surface finishing technique that is excellent for delicate parts. Using fine glass beads, it removes surface imperfections without damaging the structural integrity of the part. This makes it ideal for delicate parts that require precision and accuracy, such as in medical device manufacturing. This means we can ensure high-quality, precision parts that meet the strictest standards of performance.


Eco-friendly surface finishing technique

Bead blasting is an eco-friendly surface finishing technique that uses glass beads made from lead-free soda line glass. The glass beads are chemically inert, meaning that they do not react with the materials being treated or create any harmful byproducts. In addition, they can be reused many times over, making bead blasting a sustainable and cost-effective option for manufacturers. By using this process, manufacturers can reduce their environmental impact, minimize waste, and promote a more sustainable approach to manufacturing.


Bead Blasting Services

Looking for expert bead blasting services for your next project? From strong metals like aluminum and titanium to soft metals like brass and copper, we provide a range of bead blasting options to achieve the perfect finish.

Bead Blasting