VICTREX PEEK HT Is a semi-crystalline very high performance engineering thermoplastic for demanding applications.

VICTREX PEEK HT will give all the same performance advantages of standard VICTREX PEEK, such as chemical and wear resistance, high strength and toughness, with the additional performance advantages of:

  • Up to 3 times the wear resistance of standard VICTREX PEEK polymer at elevated temperature.
  • Physical properties, mechanical and compressive strength are retained for longer at elevated temperature, allowing higher loads at elevated temperature, without deformation of the component.
  • Enhanced long term resistance to creep.
  • Resistance to chemical attack, solvents, oils and fuels and hydrolysis.
  • Low flammability and smoke emission.


Excellent performance at high temperatures
High thermal mechanical bearing strength
Good chemical resistance
Good creep resistance
Good radiation resistance
Excellent insulation properties
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Property Test Method Typical Values
Density ISO 1183 1.32 g/cm3
Tensile Strength at break 23oC ISO 527 110 MPa (14500 PSI)
Tensile Strength at break 150oC ISO 527 48 MPa (6962 PSI)
Tensile Strength at break 250oC ISO 527 17 MPa (2466 PSI)
Tensile Elongation at break 23oC ISO 527 20%
Flexural Strength 23oC ISO 178 186 MPa (26830 PSI)
Flexural Modulus 23oC ISO 178 4.1 GPa (594700 PSI)
Flexural Modulus 150oC ISO 178 3.1 GPa (449600 PSI)
Compressive Strength ASTM D695 137 MPa (19870 PSI)
Rockwell Hardness ASTM D785 108.2
Melting Point 374oC
Glass Transition Temperature 157oC
Heat Distortion Temperature ISO 75 165oC
Maximum use Temperature 260oC
AF816 Victrex PEEK HT (Black) 91kb

Specifically developed for use at elevated temperatures and for prolonged use at elevated temperatures, AF816 retains its key physical properties to temperatures 30OC higher than standard AF801 Virgin PEEK.

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