Exploring the Advantages of Low Temperature PAEK Valves

In response to the global PCTFE resin shortfall, we, at AFT Fluorotec, have recommended PAEK AF825 as a superior alternative for low-temperature PAEK valves. This remarkable material offers enhanced strength, thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, and reduced friction coefficient compared to PCTFE. With its exceptional chemical resistance and durability inherited from PEEK, PAEK AF825 proves to be a game-changer for cryogenic applications. As the shortage persists, our innovative solution ensures reliable and high-performance valve materials.

Using PEEK when Storing Cryogenic Hydrogen

Relating the needs of the hydrogen supply chain to steps within the infrastructure suggests potential value that PEEK may bring to specific applications.

Carbon Capture & EOR

Carbon Capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) will play a key role in global efforts to reduce emissions while ensuring the world can continue to thrive. Oil and its place in the world has been simplified, with most believing that oil equals Bad...

Introducing 5 High Performance Polymers

Take a look at our graphic showcasing 5 high performance polymers and their renowned properties.

Victrex PEEK™ Material Properties Infographic

Victrex PEEK material is a semicrystalline thermoplastic typically used as a replacement for machined metals in a wide variety of high performance end-use applications.

Selecting the right Seals

Find out more about our seal selector tool, which helps take away a lot of the wasted time and hassle looking for the right seal type and material for your project.

8 Common Reasons Valve Seats Fail

The importance of high-quality valve seats can't be over-emphasised since failure can be costly.

16 Gauge Shotgun Restoration

In one of our more unusual and bespoke projects, we have been helping a customer restore an 1899 Belgian made 16 gauge side-by-side hammer shotgun with under-lever Lefaucheux action.