Hoppers are effective in increasing and maintaining control of product flow during the production process. They can also act as temporary storage and for metering product flow rates.

Hopper Coatings are used to prevent products sticking to the hopper which can cause build-up and slow down the production process.

Food Processing Hopper

Food processing hoppers are used for mainly dough, cereals etc. The coatings we have formulated for these are non-stick which removes loss of product and makes the equipment a lot easier to clean after and in between uses. This means that your productivity is significantly improved due to no downtime with cleaning the areas that are sticking. All of our coatings we use in the food industry are FDA approved and we have a range to choose from depending on your needs.

Pharmaceutical Hopper

In the pharmaceutical industry, there is a constant issue of the tablets hitting the substrate and ultimately breaking and overtime sticking to the substrate causing a build-up. The same as the Food Processing Hoppers, the coatings we offer in the pharmaceutical sector are also FDA approved. Chemical protection is often needed in the pharmaceutical industry to provide a barrier between the product and the substrate itself. AFT Fluorotec Coatings can provide a coating which has high release properties but also good chemical protection.

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