Using Aluminium Thermal Spray Coatings is a great way of protecting a metal surface and offering resistance to many processes such as general wear, rusting & corrosion, abrasion or extreme temperatures. One common application of our Aluminium Thermal Coating is on bridges to ward off corrosion.

Bridges are an essential infrastructure across the world, crossing roads, railways as well as bodies of water such as rivers and bays. Failure of a bridge structure could lead to catastrophic consequences, so ensuring the integrity of the bridge is not comprised through corrosion is of utmost importance.

The leading cause of corrosion occurring on steel bridges is the exposure of the steel to atmospheric conditions. Due to things such as marine/salt spray and environmental pollution, the rate of corrosion is greatly enhanced.

Our Thermal Coating Spray Solution

Repairing damage caused by corrosion can be costly, both in time and money. For this reason, a high performance, proven corrosion protection coating is often required and specified.

Our aluminium thermal spray coating is an excellent choice that works to provide a layer of protection between the base material and environment. It can also provide new levels of hardness and added wear and erosion resistance. Increasing the life-cycle of the bridge and reducing the amount of maintenance means our customers save money. 

All steel bridges can be given excellent protection from corrosion by the use of thermally applied aluminium to ~100microns. Ideally, the surface is then sealed with AFTs corrosion-resistant liquid topcoats such as AFC 2114.

As well as our aluminium thermal spray coating, zinc is another coating that can be applied to bridges. Often, the choice of coating will depend on the environmental conditions that the bridge is going to have to withstand. Our expert knowledge means we can help with choosing the correct thermal spray based on the conditions it will be exposed to.

The main benefits of using our aluminium thermal spray coatings include:

  • The metal is protected from corrosion and rust
  • Extends the life cycle of the bridge
  • Reduces maintenance cost and frequency of repairs
  • Super adhesion properties
  • Limited drying time - handling of coated parts can be done almost immediately
  • Quick turn around - like all of our coating solutions, one of our key strengths is completing projects quickly!

Preparing the bridge for spraying 

As with any of our coating systems, the surface profile of the metalwork on the bridge structure needs to be in the correct condition for good adhesion of the thermal spray coating. No matter how good the liquid or thermally sprayed coating is, it will not perform to its full capabilities on a poorly prepared surface.

AFT ensures all surfaces to be coated are clean from oil and other debris, which could cause contamination. Controlled blasting of the surface increases the surface area of the part ensuring good adhesion of the thermally applied coatings.