Unleashing the Power of Bead Blasting Services for Titanium Parts

Looking for a way to improve the performance of your industrial applications? Our titanium bead blasting services can help! By utilising high-quality titanium beads, we offer effective cleaning, deburring, and peening of various materials. With the ability to withstand harsh environments and high temperatures, our process delivers improved adhesion, corrosion resistance, and fatigue life.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Deionised Water and PTFE

PTFE can act as an effective anti-corrosion barrier when storing deionised water and prevent rust from developing- making it perfect for high pressure electrolysis.

Aluminium Thermal Spray Coatings

Using Aluminium Thermal Spray Coatings is a great way of protecting a metal surface and offering resistance to a number of processes such as general wear, rusting & corrosion, abrasion or extreme temperatures. One common application of our Aluminium Thermal Coating is on bridges to ward off corrosion.

Metal Effect Coatings

AFT Fluorotec can provide our customers with a range of thermally sprayed metal finishes that can be applied to many different substrates to create a decorative finish.

What are Thermally Sprayed Coatings?

Thermally sprayed coatings is a process where the material is heated and small particles are projected onto the prepared surface, where they adhere and form a continuous coating.