Making quality garden and park furniture last

Powder-coated or painted metal garden and park furniture will look great when new. However, one slight fault in the coating and the metal starts to corrode and rust quickly and before you know it, the majority of the furniture is covered in an unsightly orange-brown colour.


Here at AFT Fluorotec, we are well skilled in the application of electronic shielding processes to an array of different components from small hand held computers to communication devices. The main purpose of effective electronic shielding is to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI)...

Aluminium Thermal Spray Coatings

Using Aluminium Thermal Spray Coatings is a great way of protecting a metal surface and offering resistance to a number of processes such as general wear, rusting & corrosion, abrasion or extreme temperatures. One common application of our Aluminium Thermal Coating is on bridges to ward off corrosion.

Metal Effect Coatings

AFT Fluorotec can provide our customers with a range of thermally sprayed metal finishes that can be applied to many different substrates to create a decorative finish.

What are Thermally Sprayed Coatings?

Thermally sprayed coatings is a process where the material is heated and small particles are projected onto the prepared surface, where they adhere and form a continuous coating.

Common Coating Problems Part 1

This article looks at some of the common issues that can crop up during the coating process. Here at AFT Fluorotec, we understand how these coating problems occur and how to prevent them. Coating Problem #1: Blistered coatings Your coating has small...