Here at AFT Fluorotec Coatings we apply coatings for many different industries. In the past few years, we have seen an increase in demand to supply engineering solutions for the renewable energy industry. PTFE (Teflon, Xylan) is one of the most versatile engineering materials available and our range of AFC coatings allows us to solve problems for many arduous/demanding applications where chemical and corrosion resistance, friction, release ,wear, noise, abrasion and dry film lubrication are the issues.

Our coatings are engineered to withstand challenging environments, extend the life of components, increase power efficiencies and reduce maintenance. Our coatings are used in offshore wind, wave, tidal, solar and hydro electric power applications. Both offshore and onshore environments have many similar demanding applications and our high-performance coatings can help solve issues with corrosion, abrasion and long-term dry-film lubrication.

Working closely with our suppliers enables us to constantly develop new coatings and address the needs of the renewable energy industry. The main issues that our coatings solutions resolve are;

Abrasion and Wear Resistance

Abrasion resistant coatings provide thin layers of lubrication which help protect components from making physical contact with each other and therefore increasing service life and wear. Example of parts that are coated include piston rings, piston casings, pumps, shafts bearing housings, compressor valves and fasteners.

Corrosion Resistance

Damage due to corrosion is a serious issue in offshore and marine environments. Expensive parts and operational equipment must be protected from red rust, galvanic and salt water corrosion. Parts that are coated include studbolts, fastening systems, connectors, mooring systems, pumps and valve components.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistant coatings can protect parts against harmful chemical attack and prevent reactions to solvents, oils salts and hydraulic fluids. Our coatings provide excellent chemical resistance, extending the life and performance of components. Parts that are coated include valves, acid tanks/vessels, pumps, pipe spools, agitators, seals and fasteners.

Low Friction

Low-friction coatings reduce both make up and breakout torque. Our coatings offer dry film lubrication without the need for additional oils and greases and enhance the bearing characteristics in high speed/high load applications. Parts that benefit from these coatings include rotary actuators, bearings, bushes, guide rails, shafts, pistons, valve springs, seals, fasteners and connectors.

Anti-Galling and Seizing

Preventing galling and seizing is very important in extending the life of components. If a fastener has seized it cannot be removed without cutting or splitting which is not only very expensive but also time consuming. Our coatings provide long term anti-galling properties and low break out torque for assembled components. Parts which benefit for these type of coatings include threaded fastener systems, stud bolts, plungers, threaded connectors, hinge pins, valve springs, piston casings and compressor parts.

We’ve worked with clients across the world to develop bespoke coatings for many different applications and in many cases deliver far superior and more cost-effective solutions than our competitors.

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