Innovative Coatings for Scientific Applications

Within this specialist area of technology PTFE and Fluoropolymer coatings play an important role and are having a big impact on the performance of products.

Discover 7 Supreme Fluoropolymer Coating Types

As a leading fluoropolymer coating provider we offer a diverse range of industrial coating types such as PTFE. Take a look at our graphic below to explore the different types of fluoropolymer coatings we can provide for your business. Interested in hearing...

The Power of Pharmaceutical Equipment Coatings

When you’re looking for pharmaceutical equipment coatings, our services provide a powerful solution for many different applications.

Halar Coatings and Halar Coated Pipework and Vessels

Halar coatings from AFT Fluorotec applied to pipework and vessels can provide outstanding chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and show excellent impact strength. The smooth surface of the ECTFE coatings or Halar coatings provide a surface that is less prone to pinholes, and...