The Mining Industry

Equipment used for the extraction and transportation of minerals and geological materials in the mining industry often suffers from corrosion. Maintaining and keeping equipment running smoothly is essential for cost controls and productivity. The need for corrosion prevention is an important factor for company investment.


The Challenge

Recently AFT were approached by a company that manufactures tyre parts for the mining sector. One particular part was a brass sensor used to record and monitor tyre pressures and temperature from within the vehicle tyre chamber. The sensors were suffering from severe corrosion and pitting caused by the presence of chlorides, sulphates and acids which are associated with this industry. The result of this was the premature failure of the monitoring device.


The Solution

The customer supplied a batch of brass sensors. The parts were cleaned, grit blasted and coated with a two-coat polymer coating system designed specially to hold back corrosion in severe operating conditions.

The addition of our anti-corrosion coating system has meant the life cycle of the sensors has been extended and has also added additional properties for reduced friction and anti-galling. Routine maintenance can now be carried out much more efficiently whilst also reducing expensive downtimes.

The wide range of coatings we offer at AFT gives us the ability to provide engineers working in the mining industry the best surface coating options and cost-effective solutions for high performance engineering components.


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