Corrosion in Mining Equipment

Corrosion is a significant problem facing the mining industry today. It can cause costly downtime and damage machinery. We were recently able to help one company prevent corrosion and avoid unnecessary expense.

Architectural Roof Windows

AFT have successfully provided thermally sprayed zinc coating solutions for windows that are situated in extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Zinc Corrosion Protection

AFT Fluorotec’s zinc thermal spray process has many possible applications, but providing corrosion resistance to steel products is the most common.

Lightweight POM Casing and Internal Components

The project we were approached for was develop an electrical version of a traditional gas flame torch to be used on construction sites as a primary heat source.

Large Slide Bearings Project

For this particular order we had a customer request for a large quantity of fairly technical slide bearings with tight tolerances and angles that would be difficult to achieve for most.

Oman Botanic Garden

Our Middle Eastern customer was awarded the bid to produce the support structures for the Northern Bio-dome of the new Oman Botanic Garden, an oasis of more than 1,000 acres to be located in the foothills of the Al Hajar mountain range.

Case Study: 21 Moorfields London

We were contacted by a long term customer William Hare who use us for our expertise and experience to ensure that they use the best quality products for their structural jobs available.

Slide Bearings for Car Park Construction Projects

A short case study looking at how AFT Fluorotec approach slide bearing construction projects.

Slide Bearings Case Study: Ashton Gate Stadium

Learn more about our involvement in the redevelopment of Ashton Gate Stadium through supplying slide bearings for the new West Stand.