Corrosion in Mining Equipment

Corrosion is a significant problem facing the mining industry today. It can cause costly downtime and damage machinery. We were recently able to help one company prevent corrosion and avoid unnecessary expense.

Restoration of Classic Land Rover Chassis and Bulkheads

How our AFC 4100 Zinc thermally applied coating is used in the restoration of classic Land Rovers.

Making your Classic Kit Car Last

Here is how our zinc thermal spray coating can be used in the creation and restoration of classic kit cards, allowing enthusiasts to break the constant cycle of corrosion.

Non-stick Mould Coatings for Polystyrene Parts

We had a request from customer to see if we could help them solve a problem they had of releasing polystyrene from a casting mould.

Restoration of Classic Vehicles

Restoring any classic vehicle requires a huge amount of time and effort, not to mention funds. Therefore, it is understandable that classic car restorers want to ensure that they can maintain the pleasure they get from their classic vehicles for as long as possible.

Gearbox Seals Case Study

Our technical department worked closely with our customer’s design engineers to gain a full understanding of the limitations and extremes of working conditions being encountered, including temperature and media.

Automotive Case Study

Read our case study which details how our sister company SW Plastics became an approved supplier to a prominent F1 engine manufacturer.