Product hygiene, plant efficiency and overall profitability depend on clean bakeware equipment. A coating that is worn or damaged can have a detrimental effect upon productivity, yield and the appearance of the end product.

AFT Fluorotec can help with the management of the bakeware and establish a continuous cycle to keep your bakeware equipment clean and hygienic whilst prolonging its life.

Our service can be designed as a continuous rotating cycle to suit your individual needs whilst ensuring minimal disruptions and work stoppages. With continued aftersales care we are able to monitor and plan in any required refurbishment for your industrial bakeware.

We have the facilities to carefully remove both the carbonized products and old coatings before re-applying a completely new coating so that they are returned to their original condition. In many cases we are able to offer far superior coatings to those specified on OEM equipment.

We can also offer you colour coding systems which help customers identify and manage distinct inventory for gluten free, nut free, kosher and other specialised bakery products.

Save money
Over the lifetime of your equipment, the right coating is much more cost-effective compared to silicone glaze.
Less waste
Your equipment releases products in better condition and takes less time and resources to clean.
Better equipment
Your bakeware may look like it can't be refurbished, but we can help you get many more years from it.
Helping Scottish Salmon Fly Off The Shelves
AFT Fluorotec Coatings have had a huge impact on this customer with £100k saved annually on silicone paper costs and less waste due to damage.

Bakeware Refurbishment

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