Listed below you'll find the key properties displayed for reinforced PTFE and Virgin PTFE used in our skidway plates. Get in touch if you need any more information. 

Reinforced PTFE

Virgin PTFE

Product Description:

A reinforced PTFE material that has a low coefficient of friction, high creep resistance, high load bearing capacity and high wear resistance. Specifically developed for slide bearing and skidway applications.

A PTFE material that has a low coefficient of friction and high chemical inertness. Suitable for a very wide range of applications that require these characteristics.

Materials of Construction:

Polytetrafluoroethylene Functional Reinforcing Agents





Operating Temperature Range (Continuous Service):

-250°C  to +260°C

-250°C to +260°C

Deformation Under Load, CD (Based on ASTM D621a):

24 hr @ 230C, 14 MPa 1.0% 24 hr @ 230C, 14 MPa 5.1%
1 hr @ 1500C, 5 MPa 2.1% 1  hr @ 1500C, 5 MPa 11.1%
Permanent 0.8% Permanent 7.0%

Compressive Strength (ASTM D695):

1% Strain

10.8 MPa (1560 psi)

1% Strain

4.0 MPa (580 psi)

5% Strain

30.0 MPa (4350 psi)

5% Strain

11.5 MPa (1670 psi)

0.2% Offset

18.2 MPa (2640 psi)

0.2% Offset

9.0 MPa (1300 psi)

Maximum Pressure (P) Non-recessed Design:

Up to 18 MPa

Up    to 6.9 MPa

Maximum Pressure (P) Recessed Design:

Up to 50 MPa

Up    to 13.7 MPa

Dry Coefficient of Friction:

0.03 – 0.07

0.04    – 0.07

Flammability (ASTM D635):



Water Absorption (ASTM D570):



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