Low Friction and Dry Film Lubrication Coatings

Low friction coatings are a popular type of industrial coatings and are widely used for many engineering applications. They provide dry lubrication and low coefficient of friction to mating surfaces enabling machinery to run smoothly, efficiently and reducing downtime.

When glues and adhesives stick too much

How our non-stick coating solutions help in the mixing, delivering and cleaning of glues and adhesives.


The main benefit of PTFE coatings (such as Teflon) is the non-stick properties of the material, which means applications such as commercial bakeware have excellent non-stick / release properties and are very easy to clean.


The use of our range of fluoropolymers and plastic coatings also extends into the safety protection of glassware. We've developed AFC2206, a PTFE coating that is smooth and a non-stick fluoropolymer which our clients use for chemical resistance in laboratories and in...

Common Coating Problems Part 1

This article looks at some of the common issues that can crop up during the coating process. Here at AFT Fluorotec, we understand how these coating problems occur and how to prevent them. Coating Problem #1: Blistered coatings Your coating has small...

The Power of Pharmaceutical Equipment Coatings

When you’re looking for pharmaceutical equipment coatings, our services provide a powerful solution for many different applications.