Restoration of Classic Land Rover Chassis and Bulkheads

How our AFC 4100 Zinc thermally applied coating is used in the restoration of classic Land Rovers.

Making your Classic Kit Car Last

Here is how our zinc thermal spray coating can be used in the creation and restoration of classic kit cards, allowing enthusiasts to break the constant cycle of corrosion.

Erosion protection for Coffee Bean Hoppers & Chutes

Our case study looks at how we helped a customer when the OEM coating on their coffee bean hopper started to fail, causing the beans and associated residue to stick to the hopper.

Rapid Dough Hopper Recoatings

We were approached by a Fabrication and Service company, whose customers had been having issues with their industrial bakery dough hoppers. They were in desperate need of a rapid recoating service to ensure only minimum factory downtime was required.

Architectural Roof Windows

AFT have successfully provided thermally sprayed zinc coating solutions for windows that are situated in extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Thermally Sprayed Silver Electrical Contactor Coatings

Electrical contactors are normally made from electrically conductive, lower cost copper or alloys of copper. However, copper and copper alloys are prone to corrosion and oxidation.

Restoration of Classic Vehicles

Restoring any classic vehicle requires a huge amount of time and effort, not to mention funds. Therefore, it is understandable that classic car restorers want to ensure that they can maintain the pleasure they get from their classic vehicles for as long as possible.

Zinc Thermally Sprayed Coatings on Gates and Railings

AFT Fluorotec Coatings have been providing corrosion protective solutions to our customers who manufacture gates and railings by means of our thermally sprayed zinc.

Zinc Corrosion Protection

AFT Fluorotec’s zinc thermal spray process has many possible applications, but providing corrosion resistance to steel products is the most common.