Similar to our bronze metal coatings, our brass metal coatings are another coating option that is popular for components that require a visual appeal.

Our brass coatings can be finished to varying degrees of tone, patina and texture and offers an extremely durable finish suitable for interior and exterior use. Common uses include architectural welding as well as shaft repair.

We carry out our brass spray coating in our RFI shielded rooms, which have secure door locking systems to ensure complete emission shielding.

Good abrasion resistance
Our coatings are tough! They'll last longer than alternatively methods and give you much more value for money.
Longer lifespan
A high-quality coating will preserve the lifespan of your product, saving you money on replacements in the long term.
Coating experts
We have consistently been able to solve coatings problems for clients who have had no luck with previous suppliers.


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