We can create a wide range of machined plastic parts in over 500 different grades of PTFE and we are also an approved VICTREX PEEK processor. Our capabilities range from seals up to 1800mm diameter, PTFE diaphragms and gaskets, very small precision machined components and laser marking.

Our team of experts is on hand to advise you on the right material to use for your application and we can even work with you to design a bespoke material that's perfect for your project.

  • Backup Rings

    We can design and manufacture an almost limitless range of VICTREX PEEK back up rings (BUR’s) as well as PTFE rings. 

  • Bearing Cages

    We can manufacture large filled PEEK bearing cages and also coat existing cages in PEEK to improve their temperature resistance.

  • Frac Balls

    Frac balls made from PEEK or glass filled nylon can be manufactured in any size you need.

  • Insulators

    The versatility of our PTFE and PEEK insulators is one of their key strengths.

  • Laser Marking

    Laser marking gives you the flexibility to engrave your components with a broad range of designs and text.

  • Micro Parts

    We are proud to have assisted with development of many insulating components with a diameter of 1mm or less.

  • Sliding Heads

    Tornos Deco technology allows us to produce cost-competitive parts to the very highest standards.

  • Valve Seats

    We manufacture valve seats manufactured from our AF range of materials, including PTFE and VICTREX PEEK materials.

Worldwide delivery
Our machined components can be delivered worldwide and our expert team can work to short lead times
Unrivalled material range
One of our main strengths is the vast range of fluoropolymer materials we have available. We can even work with you to create a bespoke material that's ideal for your application.
Expert advice
Our technical experts work with you to understand you requirements so we can recommend the right material for the job.

Expert design and manufacture of precision plastic parts

We have been designing and manufacturing precision plastic parts for clients across the world for over 25 years.

Throughout this time, we've worked with clients to create complex machined parts from a wide variety of materials and in many cases, been able to deliver solutions that other suppliers couldn't.


No matter how small the parts or what the material is, our machining facilities can accommodate your order. Get in touch with our team today.