Zinc Thermally Sprayed Coatings on Gates and Railings

AFT Fluorotec Coatings have been providing corrosion protective solutions to our customers who manufacture gates and railings by means of our thermally sprayed zinc.

Zinc Corrosion Protection

AFT Fluorotec’s zinc thermal spray process has many possible applications, but providing corrosion resistance to steel products is the most common.

Aerospace & Defence Exports

One of the more delicate products that we are involved in at AFT Fluorotec is the manufacture of precision components for communication devices used in the aerospace & defence industry. A large consideration involves the detail of how such parts have to be exported.

PCTFE Seals for Commercial Space Rockets

AFT Fluorotec were recently commissioned by a space technology company. A company who researches, designs and manufactures cutting edge rockets using environmentally friendly propellants to deliver payloads into space.

PTFE Valve for Medical Applications

A medical client approached us with a very challenging part for a new valve that was in development. The component was a PTFE diaphragm which played a crucial role within the valve.

Lightweight POM Casing and Internal Components

The project we were approached for was develop an electrical version of a traditional gas flame torch to be used on construction sites as a primary heat source.

FDA Approved Mesh Basket & Top Seal

Recently, we received a call from a contact who was familiar with our services and capabilities from a previous company he worked at. They needed our help with a mesh basket and top seal.

Non-magnetic Dielectric Component for Medical Applications

Recently an electronics customer requested assistance in the development of a non-magnetic, high voltage, dielectric trimmer capacitor where they felt PTFE may be a suitable choice of material to perform as the dielectric.

Large Slide Bearings Project

For this particular order we had a customer request for a large quantity of fairly technical slide bearings with tight tolerances and angles that would be difficult to achieve for most.

Coated Processing Chute For Fish Feed

Recently AFT Fluorotec Coatings was approached by a leading supplier of sustainable aquaculture feeds and high performance diets for fish.